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Dịch vụ tư vấn tác quyền âm nhạc
Dịch vụ Luật sư riêng

LPN & Partner

Ho Chi Minh Head Office
Address: floor 2, No.10  Ton That Thuyet street, 18 Ward, district 4, Ho Chi Minh City
TEL: (84-8). 66604188 – (08).66843916
Fax: (84-8)62618864
Mobile: 0937029368
Rep Office

Adress: Room 1901, 19th Floor, Saigon Trade Center, 37 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1.
Phone: 08-66604188 - Fax: 08-62618864
Mobile Phone: 0937.029.368
Ha Noi Office
No. A14, khu Tap The T59A,Bo Tong Tham Muu – Bo Quoc Phong,  Hoàng Mai Dist,  Ha Noi City

Tel:+848-66604188 + 08-66843916 
+848-62618864 Moblie Phone: 0937.029.368

Forms of Investment

Though foreign and local investors are in some way being treated equally under the new laws when they select the forms for their direct investment in Vietnam, the foreign investors however will be subject further to limitation on the investment form or foreign-shareholding in certain situations. The investment form or foreign shareholding limitation which is specific to business sectors can be found either in the WTO commitments (generally in service industry) or the Law on Investment (those of conditional business sectors).

Establishment of a representative office in Vietnam

Foreign traders that are only interested in exploring the market or managing the company affairs without conducting any business activity of a profit yielding nature, can establish a representative office in Vietnam

Visas and Work permit

Expatriates need to obtain a proper visa that allows to stay in Vietnam for the required amount of time

Temporary Residential Card

Temporary Residential Card (TRC)

Dịch vụ Luật sư riêng


Our Mission

Vietnam has become the choice for many foreign investors due to reasons such as stable political environment, young and energetic workforce, government incentives, low wages, growing domestic consumption, access to ASEAN countries with a total population of 570 million, and improved legal...


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