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Special emphasis is given on keeping pace with the country's labor and employment law obligations.  The diverse and breadth of our team's experience enables us to provide a full range of labor law related services, including

  • Advice, counseling and compliance, including labor relations, collective bargaining, mandatory contributions, personnel policies, internal investigations, termination, etc.
  • Training and compliance seminars
  • Drafting of employee and related agreements, including invention assignment and proprietary information agreement, separation/termination agreement, noncompetition agreements, restrictive covenants, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality & nondisclosure agreements, consulting agreements
  • Executive compensation and employee incentive plans.
  • Administrative and civil proceedings
You, as foreigner, are in difficult situation to obtain work permit while registering for work permit in Vietnam, you are not fully aware of procedures as well as how to preparation of the application dossier for the work permit. Please contact LPN ...

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